Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Amiibo(s) Features Discovered

While playing Captain Toad Treasure Tracker on the Wii U, we were testing out the Toad Amiibo functionality. During that time, in the main menu, we added other Amiibos and… low and behold, they worked!!! They gave rather interesting surprises: 1UPS!!

Check out the video to see how it all unfolded:

Boss Monster Video Game Review

Here’s our official review for the video game Boss Monster: Dungeon-Building Game for PC, iPad & Android. View the video below to see game play, menus and what I thought about the game and much more…

You can learn more about the game at:

Google Play Store Download:

The Gamer Show’s review page:

Top 10 FPS video games according to Amazon for Feb 2015

Everyone loves First Person Shooters; but what are the TOP 10 FPS’s of all time according to for Feb 2015?

Top 10 Video Games on Amazon for Feb 2015

According to, these are the popular purchases this week for video games.  Interesting to see the Wii up top.