How To Download Any Mod For Minecraft!

The first step is goto:

The second step is Find the Mod you Want or would like (For Example Press “Older Entries” at the


The Third step is When you found it Go to under the Picture/Video and Goto “Download

The fourth step is It will download then you just click on the Download And go into the folder that says (For Example “Mo’Creatures Mod Installer”) go in it and it will show Mo’Creatures Mod Installer .exe click that and you can have a back up for minecraft but I have done it and all of my mods I got from it worked And click “Install Mod” And it will download everything and make sure minecraft is not Runnung!

Watch Dogs Premiere Trailer!!

Check out this trailer for Watch Dogs, just revealed by Ubisoft. If you like the game Assassin’s Creed; you’ll love this. I am blown away with this game. Looking for a gameplay video of this that I just watched during Ubisoft’s Press Conference at E3 2012.


Click here to view the exclusive gameplay video on The Gamer Show

Got some more information:

Marble Madness 7 Track Album

“Where Good Marbles Go to Die (Marble Madness)” is now available to all to purchase and includes a Limited Edition Cassette Tape that includes the full album with a custom design on the cassette. Check it out here

High quality chrome tape of the album with fancy artwork by FoxDragon. All donations will be split up and sent to the contributing artists.

This album is created by Grant Henry and is a Catchy, high-energy space rock mixed with metal, pop, and prog – which is also known for Metroid Metal. You can purchase the album here or listen to it below.

The Gamer Show Facebook Page

Hey Gamers!!! Finally got around to launching the official “The Gamer Show” facebook page. Funny thing is that I actually started it back in March 2005 but finally got around to it today to finally set it up; better late then never right. Click on the link below to LIKE us on Facebook for quicker updates for The Gamer Show; just click on the link below: