Let’s Play Feed The Beast – Minecraft – Episode 1

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Join us for this great series as we perform a Let’s Play Session of Feed The Beast with AnotherOldGamer. Feed The Beast is currently available  at: http://feed-the-beast.com/ for free. You must have a paid Minecraft account to play Feed The Beast. Leave a like, comment and subscribe to The Gamer Show and let us know… Read more »

Skyrim Legendary Edition PS3

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I would like to take some time and retouch on Skyrim Legendary Edition for the PS3. I had my hesitations because my first experience with Skyrim was plagued (like many people) by numerous game breaking glitches and bugs. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that many (not all) glitches and bugs had been patched… Read more »

PS4 Hands On

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I finally got a chance to go hands on with the Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) tonight here in Las Vegas, NV. I wanted to share my experience on what I thought and the overall quality of the product that was shown to us. (This article is a work in progress and many more videos are… Read more »

XBOX One Hands On

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Hands on with the XBOX One. I got a chance to go hands on with the XBOX One tonight at an event in Las Vegas, NV sponsored by XBOX on their XBOX One Tour. I will be updating this article with what I thought about the console, the controller and available games that we got… Read more »

Dopefish Lives – Rise of the Triads (2013)

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There I was just minding my own business playing Rise of the Triads multiplayer mode on the level “Mercury Temple” when off in the distance I saw an area that had a light shining, so I grabbed mercury mode and flew over there. And to my amazement, I found Dopefish just sitting there and watching us… Read more »

How To Download Any Mod For Minecraft!

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The first step is goto: http://www.skydaz.com/ The second step is Find the Mod you Want or would like (For Example Press “Older Entries” at the Bottom) The Third step is When you found it Go to under the Picture/Video and Goto “Download Here.zip The fourth step is It will download then you just click on… Read more »