Billions of Zombies Coming to Consoles!

They Are Billions launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this July

Barcelona, Spain. June 06, 2019: BlitWorks and Numantian Games are pleased to announce that the acclaimed RTS They Are Billions will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this July!

The BlitWorks team were so addicted to They Are Billions that they themselves became infected. The infection spread like wildfire and soon zombie developers started trying to get the infection across onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

They worked intensively on the superb RTS to achieve a great performance as well as adapting the game to be played with a controller or added mouse and keyboard support. The swarms finally got what they wanted; They Are Billions will be reaching Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this July.

Watch the infection spread:
It’s addictive, it’s bloody, it’s contagious, it’s almost there. Be ready!

About They Are Billions

They Are Billions is the addictive RTS set on a post-apocalyptic world where players face an innumerable foe. Players must build colonies strong enough to withstand the billions of infected zombies that roam the world seeking to annihilate the last surviving humans.

To survive, players plan strategies, place buildings and manage resources to have any chance against the billions of zombies. A key factor in survival is the use and training of the player’s armies and contracting mercenaries. Using your forces and defenses wisely is the only way to survive against the billions of infected out to get you.


  • Survival Strategy Game – The aim of the game is to build a successful colony and survive for a specific period of time against billions of zombie enemies. Build walls, gates, towers, and structures to protect yourself. Train your army and contract the best mercenaries to protect the colony. Management of your resources and forces is the key to survival!
  • Real Time with Pause – While They Are Millions is a Real Time Strategy game, It comes with the ability for players to pause the game at any time. With the game paused, players can focus on making the best strategic decisions, giving them a layer of control missing from most RTS games.
  • Randomly Generated Maps – Every game presents new challenges for the player as each new game creates a random world generated with its own events, weather, geography, and infected population. 
  • Thousands of Units on Screen – They Are Billions brings massive numbers of units to the game screen, up to 20,000 units playing in real time! Some are on your side, but be prepared to face the biggest swarms of infected you’ve ever seen. 
  • Mouse and Keyboard Support – They Are Billions gives players the choice of playing with a keyboard & mouse or a controller, allowing players to experience the game how they choose.
  • Weekly Challenge – Weekly Challenges will be offered where participating players must play the same random map. The best scores are published on a leaderboard to allow for bragging rights and friendly rivalry among players.

They are Billions is currently available for PC gamers via Steam. It launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in July 2019 (exact dates TBD) for $24.99 USD and 24.99€.

Conan Unconquered devs challenge players to beat them at their own game

Can you beat the guys who are making all the rules? The Conan Unconquered developers at Petroglyph would like to see you try.

OSLO, Norway – June 7th, 2019 – Having worked on games such as Command & Conquer and Star Wars: Empire at War in the past, one could safely say that not many people know RTS games better than the developers at Petroglyph. Now RTS fans get to test their skills against Petroglyph and some of the best Conan Unconquered players in the world.


Using Conan Unconquered’s brand-new Challenge mode-feature, they now provide you with a link to test your skills on the exact same map, against the exact foes, as they played on themselves.

By selecting Challenges in the game menu and using the code L3M9BM9, you can see if you have what it takes to beat the developers. The top five scores will be listed in-game for all to see, giving you a chance to prove yourself as the ultimate RTS legend!

A lot of people have already tried their luck against the developers, and while most have failed, the challenge proves that there are some incredibly skilled RTS gamers in the Conan Unconquered community. The score you need to beat Conan Unconquered developer Renato Orellana is above 556,500.

Conan Unconquered is a fast-paced strategy game where players face wave after wave of enemies in ever-increasing numbers and difficulty. To withstand the savage hordes players must build an unconquerable stronghold and put up walls and other defensive measures to avoid utter destruction. While the game can be played entirely in single-player, two players can also play together online to build a shared stronghold while fending off the enemy hordes allowing for a unique, cooperative multiplayer experience.

AirMech Preview–A Kick Ass Action RTS Experience

AirMech 2012-06-01 21-22-15-119     AirMech 2012-06-01 21-21-52-184

I got a chance to sit down today with a new and upcoming game AirMech; a “New” and upcoming Action RTS game made by Carbon Games. Now, the game is available in the form of ALPHA PREVIEW at the time of writing this article. It will be moving into BETA Preview in a few days or so we believe. Now that I have spent a few hours playing it and had my kids sit down and do some coop with me, I wanted to share a bit of my thoughts on this game.

Want to play now??? Use this code to register your account over at Carbon Games:
6NBT-QAKO-AUW3-GWJAClick here to Register and Create your FREE account

Check out the video about; over 15+ minutes of in game action!


Right when you get into the game, it slaps you right in the tutorial (which is skip-able if you choose, but not recommended if this is your first time play) and the game teaches you how to use to the controls, game-play mechanics, etc. Once you make it past the tutorial, you get to do some slap-age against an (easy) computer controlled AI to test out what you learned from the tutorial. Once you make your way through that match, you start to learn about the XP and money system that are nicely intergraded into the games menus. How to gain some unlocks to buy new defense units, etc. you need to do certain tasks like unlock missions inside the game to redeem your reward. Save up enough, score some new units. One thing I liked a lot was that you could setup 3 PVP builds and 3 PVE builds from the main menu so you could quickly jump in and out when you were doing multiplayer. Now. I got two of my kiddies in the house playing the game at the same time doing some coop survival. We all had a blast and as I am writing this preview article, they are still up there playing.

AirMech 2012-06-01 21-22-22-319     AirMech 2012-06-01 21-21-34-170

This is the first Action RTS that I‘ve played in along time, along with my kids at the helm. Check our the video above which features about 15 minutes of gameplay between the computer (easy) vs. myself. If you like Command and Conquer or any other RTS / Tower Defense game out there… I recommend that you quickly go and download this title and play today.