AMVR Head Pad for Quest 2 Head Strap

Reduce Head Pressure for Quest 2The AMVR Head Pressure Balance Pad Q2P1 is specially designed for Oculus Quest 2. It can avoid the squeezing caused by the original Oculus Quest 2 headset strap close to the head, and can balance the weight of the quest 2 helmet well, so that the player has a more […]

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Sea Of Thieves Monopoly Limited Edition Tabletop Game Unboxing

The fast‐dealing, property trading board game takes to the waves with a Sea of Thieves twist! Begin your journey in The Shores of Plenty and circle around to the forbidding Devil’s Roar as you battle for control of islands on which to place shops and taverns. You’ll be able to plunder the pockets of any […]

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DELUX Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse, Large RGB Unboxing

[Ergonomic Vertical Design]: Unique vertical ergonomic computer mouse with special volute bionic design reduce arm discomfort and hand stiffness [RGB Lighting & Software Setting]: With RGB Chasing lighting, offer you the marvelous working experience (Note: if want to turn On/Off the lights, please find the switch in the bottom of the mouse). With the Memory […]

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J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Wired Mouse Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse Unboxing

Unique ergonomic design with removable palm rest to reduce hand and wrist pain Two thumb buttons can be used for back/forward browser navigation Driver free 3-mode DPI shift: 600/1000/1600DPI adjustable High-resolution optical sensor with adjustable sensitivity for accuracy and responsiveness Scroll Wheel lifetime: 200,000 circles / Button lifetime: 3 million times #verticalmouse #nomorestrain #biggerhands

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