Gears 5 keeps messing up my network adapter

To start, I just finished downloading the game on launch day and start it up.  Look at that beautiful main menu; nice and clean. I do notice that I’m not connect to the Gears 5 service but no biggie, it’s launch day. I brush it off and play the tutorial. After the tutorial, I noticed I wasn’t connect to the online service again so I shut the game off and notice something new on my task bar. What is this new icon glaring at me with it’s tiny little globe??

Interesting. So, that icon represents that you are connected to a network but with internet connection. Weird…. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get my internet to come back on on my machine on my active session. So, I decided to restart my machine. No problem, no issue; let’s hope it fixes itself. So, computer boots and everything’s back to normal.

I decided to start the game back up again. Progress,; I’m online. Let’s jump into a HORDE game… excited! I picked my character and ready for Wave 1. The 1st wave starts and all of a sudden… no one is moving and I’m just standing there; can’t move. A few moments later, I get disconnected from Xbox Live and I’m no longer connected to the service. A fluke, again?? I close the game notice on my task bar that icon’s back again! I click on to learn more and this is what I see:

What the hell is going on?

I restart my computer and immediately think to myself.. I’ll wait a few days and wait for some launch day patches to let it fix itself (which there was 2 patches this week) to try it out again.

Well, I tried it out today. I got into another HORDE match and I must have made it about 15 minutes and boooooooooommmm; headshot!! I got disconnected and back to the same you’ve been disconnect screen again. WTF?!?

Now, before you jump down my throat and say, it’s your machine; update it; blah blah blah….. in all honestly and I just remembered, this was happening to Gears 4 a few months ago where I could only play for a 10/15 mins before getting disconnected. But GEARS 5 actually stops my network card from accessing the internet until I restart my machine.

Look…. I’ve play plenty of Xbox Live games on my PC including 1,000’s of hours of Sea of Thieves and have never encountered anything like this. Hell, I own thousands of games and I’ve not once seen a weird bug like this.

So I ask nicely, pretty please with cherries on top… It’s time to fix your game, GEARS team.

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