Megaquarium DLC Freshwater Frenzy Available Today!

The world is your oyster with new campaigns, species, decorations, and more!

June 4th, 2020—Twice Circled is putting more fish in the sea—or in this case, aquarium—with the launch of Freshwater Frenzy, the first deluxe expansion DLC for Megaquarium. Available today on Steam and GOG for $11.99, Freshwater Frenzy brings new fish, tanks, and a brand new freshwater environment for aquarium tycoons to explore and master.

Players have been having a whale (shark) of a time with aquarium tycoon Megaquarium since 2018. Freshwater Frenzy brings a ton of new content to the game by introducing an all-new freshwater habitat. This environment includes new possibilities and options for fish husbandry, including breeding fish and developing hybrids, creating and maintaining healthy pH levels, and a new campaign and more.

Freshwater Frenzy Features:

  • 30 new freshwater species, including fish, reptiles and even a mammal; each with their own unique care requirements to fulfil
  • The ability to become a breeder and rear baby animals
  • Selective breeding to create hybrids with unique color and pattern combinations
  • New accessories and posters to optimize aquarium displays. Bonuses are awarded to players who use these strategically!
  • New tanks for animals requiring both land and water habitats, like turtles and crocodiles
  • A new five-level freshwater campaign designed to challenge players to make the most of the latest additions and explore the game in new ways
  • Dozens of new objects including plants, equipment, seven new tanks, four new accessories to equip staff with and four new paints to keep the aquarium looking fresh

About Megaquarium:

Released in 2018, Megaquarium is the public aquarium tycoon game from the creator of Big Pharma. Pick from almost 100 different species to house in your exhibits, satisfy their needs and don’t let them die! Hire a team of aquatic experts, manage them efficiently and level up their skills. Ensure your guests have access to key facilities like toilets and snacks, then squeeze them for their last penny as they leave via the gift shop! All this and more leads to a successful aquarium. Do you have what it takes to make the biggest attraction in the city?

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