Rocket Wars Launches on the Nintendo Switch on November 14th!

October 30th 2019 – Rooftop Panda is proud to announce that their fast-paced multiplayer space shooter, Rocket Wars, will be launching on the Nintendo Switch on November 14th 2019 for $9.99 USD. Rocket War’s clean minimalist visuals and easy-to-pick-up multiplayer mayhem make it a perfect complement to the Switch, allowing you to take the party anywhere and share the fun across up to four players.

About Rocket Wars:

In Rocket Wars you take control of a spaceship with different strengths and weaknesses and proceed to do all in your power to kill your enemies (…or your friends). With heaps of weapons, power-ups, and ships all spread across a variety of game modes, you’ll be able to have fun for hours against other players locally, or versus AI opponents. Rocket Wars is the go-to party game for when you have people over (and now on the go) and are looking for some fast and furious PVP fun!


  • Fast-paced couch party game action for up to 4 players.
  • 6 different game modes will keep things fresh and challenging.
  • 12 different spaceships with unique stats let you play according to your own playstyle.
  • You can play free for all, 2v2, or entirely against AI opponents.
  • Clean minimalist artstyle with a soundtrack composed by Waterflame (Castle Crashers, CastleStorm)

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