Sea Of Thieves Monopoly Limited Edition Tabletop Game Unboxing

The fast‐dealing, property trading board game takes to the waves with a Sea of Thieves twist! Begin your journey in The Shores of Plenty and circle around to the forbidding Devil’s Roar as you battle for control of islands on which to place shops and taverns. You’ll be able to plunder the pockets of any pirates who land on properties you own, but ultimately only one player can bankrupt their rival buccaneers and claim mastery of the Sea of Thieves!

Contains a code for a free Sea of Thieves in-game pet: be one of the first to own the Gold Curse Macaw before it becomes available to buy in the Pirate Emporium later in 2021!

Sea of Thieves is Rare’s shared world adventure game where players can immerse themselves in the wonders and perils of a fantastical pirate life. Take the ship’s wheel and set sail for new lands, epic experiences… and tons of treasure!

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