Stronghold: Warlords Team Asks Fans to Decide Which Unfortunate Animal Becomes Trebuchet Ammo

You herd right! Choose between a senile water buffalo, horse with a sore throat, recently deceased tiger, and large bactrian camel (who doesn’t know what ‘bactrian’ means either)

London, United Kingdom – May 29, 2020 — A new competition from Stronghold developer Firefly Studios asks fans to vote on one of four ill-fated animals to be used as the game’s fourth trebuchet ammo type. Voting through the official Stronghold Discord, players will be able to decide which of the four deceased creatures can be used to spread disease in enemy castles when Stronghold: Warlords launches later this year.

About Stronghold: Warlords

The latest ‘castle sim’ RTS from Firefly Studios, Stronghold: Warlords allows you to recruit, upgrade and command AI warlords across the battlefield. Each warlord under your command boosts your strategic prowess with their own unique perks, characteristics and upgradeable abilities. Use them to boost your industry, fortify defences or team up for a pincer attack! Each campaign mission, skirmish game and multiplayer battle means a fresh set of warlords to command and new strategic depth. Stronghold: Warlords is Firefly’s first game to recreate the castle economies of the Far East, allowing you to command Mongol hordes, imperial warriors and samurai clansmen as you lay siege to Japanese castles and fortified Chinese cities. Besiege historical warlords using new gunpowder-fuelled siege weapons and a completely new way to play Stronghold. For the latest news on Stronghold: Warlords visit

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