Don’t Die, Minerva! Debuts on PC and Xbox One This December

For Immediate Release:

Dawsonville, GA – October 31st 2019 – Xaviant announced their new title, Don’t Die, Minerva!, which will launch in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview this December.

This Halloween all ghouls, ghosts, spectres and shades are put on notice: your time is up this December when Don’t Die, Minerva! arrives in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. The forces of evil don’t stand a chance against 11-year-old Minerva, heavily armed with a flashlight and a backpack full of stuffed animals!

Don’t Die, Minerva! on Steam:

“With Don’t Die, Minerva!, we have gone back to our original development recipe of having team members pitch their ideas for our next project,” said Xaviant Director of Operations Josh Van Veld. “We all gravitated toward the vision of a little girl lost in a spectral world with only her stuffed bear to protect her. From there, the idea of a rogue-lite set in a haunted house emerged, and everything else fell into place.”

In Don’t Die, Minerva!, players control Minerva, a child who has stumbled into a mansion packed with evil spirits. Luckily, the house’s magic has turned her flashlight into a powerful weapon and brought her stuffed animals to life to fight by her side.

As a rogue-lite, Don’t Die, Minerva! features challenging combat, permadeath, and procedurally generated levels. No two runs are the same, and death is always right around the corner. Combined with skillful play, permanent upgrades enable players to tackle higher difficulty levels and help Minerva escape her ghostly prison.

Game Features:

  • Procedurally generated levels set in 3 distinct biomes
  • Four difficulty levels to suit all tastes and skill levels
  • Randomized combat encounters featuring 18 ghostly enemy types
  • 3 challenging boss battles
  • Affix-based loot system providing Minerva with thousands of combinations of weapons and armor
  • Elemental attribute system that allows players to customize their build through gear selection and create synergies between different weapons
  • Full 3D isometric dungeon-crawling, built with the power of Unreal Engine 4

As a Steam Early Access / Xbox Game Preview title, Xaviant will update the game on a regular basis, with an emphasis on new content and features along the way, based on community feedback.

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