Here We Grow Again! Green Hell’s Plant Cultivation Update Arrives on Nov. 4th

Test your green thumb skills in your very own gardens

Warsaw, Poland – Nov. 1, 2019 — Only two months out from the successful launch of Green Hell, the game is growing yet again with its previously announced Plant Cultivation Update. Available on Monday, Nov. 4th, it will soon be time for players to tap into their inner farmer and add a little green thumbs action to their survival repertoire. From planting plots to harvesting, the Plant Cultivation Update will allow players to grow their own plants and reap the rewards. 

The Plant Cultivation Update adds a number of new gameplay mechanics to the already deep experience of Green Hell:

  • Farming Mechanic – 15 plants available to be cultivated! Whether it’s seeds harvested from fruit or shoots of bamboo replanted in your garden space, players will have new ways to keep themselves nourished and supplied in the harsh depths of the Amazon.
  • New Constructions – Build the new planting box and small planting box for all your camp farming needs.
  • Fertilizer – Some items are able to be used as fertilizer for a happier, healthier garden. Sure, plants can grow without it, but they’ll grow much better with a little fertilizer assistance.
  • Seeds – Harvest seeds from the fruit you find in the wild to cultivate back at camp. Once planted (and given all that plant love), plants will respawn fruit.
  • Green Thumbs Only – Plants don’t just survive. They need a little bit of care and attention! Proper hydration and fertilizer are imperative to happy, healthy gardens!

Green Hell is now available on Steam at a list price of $24.99 USD

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