Million to One Hero jumps out of Early Access

Some heroes overcome challenges. Others create them.

July 23, 2019 – Over the Top Games is excited to announce that their new platformer Million to One Hero is jumping out of Early Access today! 

Million to One Hero is an eccentric pixelated platformer with a powerful in-game editor that goes a step beyond just level creation: players can use it to create their own “adventures”. From creating quests, adding NPCs and dialog, to playing with the music or the climate of each level, the extensive narrative toolset allows players to create their own stories and share them with the rest of the world.

Do not settle for only creating levels.

But if that is what you like, our editor includes hundreds of options to fill them with deadly traps and twisted puzzles, weird mythological creatures, old school mechanics and unexpected combinations.

However you can go one step beyond that…

Create your own platformer.

Turn your levels into complete adventures. Write a story with your own dialog, NPCs, quests and cinematics. 

Customize the full experience that players will enjoy: music changes, lightning, custom effects…

For God’s sake! Turn the floor into lava in the middle of the game or unleash a huge sandstorm!

The game is being released on PC, supporting Windows, Mac and Linux, and to celebrate the launch, Over the Top Games has released a free demo that lets players try the in-game editor and see all its possibilities.

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