PS4 Hands On

I finally got a chance to go hands on with the Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) tonight here in Las Vegas, NV. I wanted to share my experience on what I thought and the overall quality of the product that was shown to us. (This article is a work in progress and many more videos are coming soon along with more content. Please stay tuned. I will remove this text once the article is final.)

Knack Gameplay for the PlayStation 4


The System: The one thing that really stood out from everything is the system itself. It was a beautiful site and much much smaller than the XBOX One. The shape of it is a work of art.

The Controller: The controller feels perfect. After seeing images of this thing on the internet, I looked bigger. In person, it looked bigger. I wasn’t sure about it until I put it in my hands. The feeling was great, maybe more than great. The triggers finally allowed my huge hands to relax on the controller and the controller was wider which made it feel more comfortable in my hands then in the Dual Shock 3.

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