Skyrim Legendary Edition PS3

I would like to take some time and retouch on Skyrim Legendary Edition for the PS3. I had my hesitations because my first experience with Skyrim was plagued (like many people) by numerous game breaking glitches and bugs. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that many (not all) glitches and bugs had been patched with the newest update. The game runs much smoother then my prior trial, and the additional DLC which is included definitely is worthwhile.

Skyrim Legendary

Screen tearing has been substantially reduced, and I have not noticed many instances of frame rate drop. The load times are still an issue, especially when they coincide with the random freezes that the game still has. At one point I believe I waited 3 to 5 minutes for the game to load up my breezeway home in Whiterun. Which as many of you would agree seems like an eternity.
The dlc’s are solid and do offer quite a bit more game play to an already immense game. For anyone with gamer A.D.D. it is an absolute cornucopia of content to hunt down and collect every unique item and weapon.

In closing I was very happy with the re-purchase of Skyrim to include all the DLC, solid game around the board with a few hiccups but still worth every penny!

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