Fury Unleashed

Awesome Games Studio is taking Fury Unleashed to a Whole New Level

New video, exciting updates, and more! Krakow, Poland, June 5, 2020—Fury Unleashed–the action-packed, roguelike platformer set in the pages of a living comic book–launched on consoles and PC just last month. Since then, Awesome Games Studio has been hard at work, and this is the perfect time for anyone who took […]

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Fury Unleashed is available now on Consoles and fully launched PC!

We at Awesome Games Studio are extremely proud to announce that our combo-driven run and gun roguelite, Fury Unleashed, is finally releasing! After over five years of full-time development, and including three years in Early Access, it is now out on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and launched in full on Steam.

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