Upgrade Your Mud Hut to a DELUXE Mud Hut in the Green Hell Expanded Shelters Update

Who needs a one-story mud hut when you could have a 3-story mud hut?

Warsaw, Poland – Dec. 19, 2019 — Creepy Jar is at it again encouraging Green Hell fans to go and play in the dirt and build things with sticks. The final content update of 2019, the Expanded Shelters Update, is now available and free of charge to all owners of the game! Alongside the update, Green Hell is also taking part in the Steam Winter Sale with a hefty 20% discount between now and Jan. 2, 2020.

As detailed in the post-release Green Hell Roadmap, the Expanded Shelters Update allows players to build bigger and better shelters than ever before. Have you been pining for that third-floor bedroom with a view? Green Hell has you covered with a suite of new constructions to turn your beloved mud hut into your beloved mud castle! See below for a full list of construction additions:

Expanded Shelters Update Features

  • Additional Floors -Players can now add up to 2 more floors on their shelters
  • New Constructions – Side Doorway, Mud Side Doorway, Bamboo Side Doorway, Short Wall, Short Bamboo Wall, Short Mud Wall, Mud Roof with Notch, Ladder, Bamboo Ladder

Looking ahead to 2020, Creepy Jar is hard at work on many more updates including the addition of four-player coop and the much-anticipated console release.

Green Hell is now available on Steam at a list price of $24.99 USD

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