Start of Term: Democracy 4 Is Now Available in Steam Early Access!

Democracy 4 enters Early Access with 5 countries available to play! Early Access will focus on community feedback and government expansion.

A new term begins today as Positech Games are excited to share that Democracy 4, the latest title in the lauded political simulation series, is officially out now on Steam Early Access! Political experts and newcomers alike will be able to purchase the game for $26.99 USD.

Democracy 4 presents political simulation unlike any other title, and offers room for growth in literacy on the subject. Explore the governments of USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and France in the initial Early Access release (with more countries to come) as players take the role of president/prime minister, having just won an election. Pick up the political landscape from where the last leader left off, enacting your parties policy platform. Players (and their political party) must appeal to the public while also pushing forward change in the eyes of how you’d like to see the country moving forward, with re-election in mind.

Positech Games believes that Early Access is an ideal space for Democracy 4 to grow, with feedback on new countries governments being integral to their development and accuracy. As of now, the game offers a fully playable look into 5 governments, but tweaking to ideally represent each countries political makeup will continue through the Early Access period. On top of this, players can also vote within the game on where they believe development resources should be allocated, just like a solid democracy!

Mod support was also a huge factor in past release, and will be equally supported and promoted by the Positech Games team for Democracy 4.

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